Lost Lands Implements Safety Plan As Significant Storm Moves In

Lost Lands 2018 is still taking place right now. While the weekend has been a tremendous success by all accounts, a major storm system is rolling in. In order to provide a proper protocol to follow for attendees, the festival has released a statement in regards to the storm.

The festival is working to make sure a disaster like TomorrowWorld 2015 does not happen. Since the storm is hitting hardest overnight Lost Lands has moved up headliners and asked attendees to exit the festival this evening. In their statement, they made it clear that each vehicle must have a dedicated sober driver, and that a police presence will be on site making sure nobody is driving intoxicated.

Furthermore, the festival has asked that if individuals to choose to stay the night that they do not sleep in tents. Instead, attendees should seek shelter in their cars with the engines f since vehicles will be leaving and a risk being run over or struck does exist.

If you are at Lost Lands currently there is no need to freak out. Just back up your campsite before hitting the grounds, enjoy the last day and have a sober individual drive out tonight!