Love Him Or Hate Him Carnage Pulls Off Impressive Range In New Album – 'BATTERED BRUISED & BLOODY'

Carnage man. I gotta say from the perspective someone who has listened to and loved electronic music my whole life, every bone in my body wants to hate him. I don’t like his attitude, a lot his productions are not really what my tastes align with, but then there is the reality the situation. While Carnage is quite outspoken he has done something not many artists are capable achieving – serious success in two distinct genres. While I sit here and review his new album on a site with EDM in its name, I am sure somewhere in the world another writer for Hot New Hip Hop or Worldstar is doing the exact same. He has a legion dedicated fans who lose their minds over his signature sound and continues to sell out MASSIVE shows all over the country. So love him or hate him, you have to respect his hustle.

Battered Bruised & Bloody

The new album features some heavy hitters across many genres music. While we have heard a handful these tracks as single, the unreleased tracks feature the likes Mac Miller, SKELLISM and Migos. So yeah – no shortage modern day prestige on this LP. The tracks range from full-on rap tracks to heavy trap, to hardstyle and honestly everywhere in between. That is what made listening to this album pretty entertaining. I honestly had no idea what to expect as one song transitioned into the next. One moment I am listening to an emo infused hip-hop record and the next I am flying at like 200 BPM trying to figure out what the hell happened.

Not gonna lie I honestly enjoyed myself thoroughly during the first listen through. While there are no doubt standouts on the album, as a whole, some the tracks are forgettable. That being said, a massive potential remix ability lies within the walls ‘BATTERED BRUISED & BLOODY’ and I have to imagine producers are standing in line waiting to get their hands on the stems for these tracks.


I will say it – I enjoyed this album. It is not my style music but as a critic sometimes I have to turn preferences f. Carnage was able to channel some the hot sounds in rap and EDM while simultaneously taking some big risks. While I think many tracks could have been cut from the final copy, Carnage did what I was pretty sure he couldn’t: change my mind about him. Check out the full album below, and then absolutely lace me up in the comments because I know that is coming.