Lubelski Releases Impulse Response EP on Dirtybird – EDMTunes

As the head of the budding Percomaniacs label and a Desert Hearts mainstay, Lubelski has been making waves on the West Coast and beyond with his trippy take on the world of house and techno. And now, we’re stoked to see one of our favorite Californian labels – DIRTYBIRD – embrace his sound as they dig into their darker size with his newest release. Lubelski’s Impulse Response is out on DIRTYBIRD now/

The two-track thumper features ‘Ego Trippin” and the title track, ‘Impulse Response’. Both bring Lubelski’s signature dark and groovy vibes, each with their own layered endeavor into psychedelic percussions and alluring vocals. We’ve had our feet tapping to the high-hats throughout and are looking forward to hearing them on a dancefloor soon.

Take a listen to Lubelski’s Impulse Response below.

Lubelski – Impulse Response | Stream