Makeness Drops Masterfully Crafted New Album – 'Loud Patterns'

I only became familiar with Makeness just last week with the release his single ‘Who Am I To Follow Love’. Instantly I was drawn in by the enigmatic producer who showcased sounds that I thought may have been forgotten. His new album ‘Loud Patterns’ will take the listener on a journey through many different styles that perfectly demonstrate what artists should strive to achieve.

Wide Range

In ‘Loud Patterns’ Makeness does not allow himself to be confined to just one area musical production. Some tracks like the aforementioned single ‘Who Am I To Follow Love’ rely on sultry vocals and a slow pensive beat to lull the listener into a semi-hypnotic state, while others like ‘Loud Patterns’ tap into the collective unconscious the golden era electronic music.

The title track is worth exploring more as it instantly reminiscent productions from The Chemical Brothers. It was so welcoming to hear these kinds arrangments ring out, reminding me just how good we had it with music 10 years ago, but at the time did not appreciate it. Makeness may rely on some older styles, but through fascinating sonic tweaks, he gives them a modern-day rework.

Track Curation

Too many artists these days pack massive amounts tracks onto albums, even though they seemingly do not fit the overall vibe that is curated throughout. This, in turn, results in only half any given album being worthy even one listen. Makeness, on the other hand, picked 11 diverse records to make up his most recent album, and the meticulous tracking can be noticed immediately.

At no point through the full album listen did I feel bored nor feel the need to skip a track that was barely halfway through. Each song tells a different story all at varying energy levels. Makeness has done something truly special with this album, and you definitely need to give it a full listen to today. Check it out below.