Malóne’s WHYNOTUS Unveils Debut Compilation, ‘MIAMI GROOVE VA’

All the Afro-Tech-House bangers you needed, all in one conveniently sized package.

In need of some extra crispy music? Say no more. Out today is a super tasty six-pack. Not beer, not abs, but music. Cuban-born, Miami-based DJ and producer Malóne brings the heat to the entire world today. He’s not only a Space Miami resident, a Beatport Afro House chart-topper and a 1001Tracklists’ Future of Dance artist, he’s also the founder of the WHYNOTUS record label.

After ‘444’ and ‘Un Beso’, Malóne figured it was time to introduce some new faces to the label. And so, a Various Artists release came to mind. The idea would be to showcase new talent, and ultimately shape the future of Dance through underground artists with otherworldly potential.

One of the main reasons I started WHYNOTUS was to put out dope music from talented artists all over the world and showcase them at our live event series.



MIAMI GROOVE VA is the first-ever WHYNOTUS compilation, and also the VA concept debut on the label. Across six amazing tracks, you’ll get the premise of the title delivered right to your door. The compilation is just what it says: it’s tropical, and it’s groovy. You’ll notice straight away that this is a sound rooted in percussion, Afro House, and Tech House. But it’s none. Or rather, all of them together. It’s gigantic. Take that from me.

A handful of artists wave hello to the imprint via this EP: Amal Nemer, Morpei, Damelo, Sounds Of Rituals, Pablo Alhach, Des & Del, DZR, and Sabrosura Boyz. And they all have a tale to tell in their tracks.


  1. Get It by Amal Nemer
  2. Tu Sabor by Sounds Of Rituals and Pablo Alhach
  3. BAPU by DZR and Sabrosura Boyz
  4. No Me Importa by Morpei
  5. Funky Work by Damelo
  6. That’s It by Des & Del

Filled to the brim with an immense amount of groove, and the potential to revive an entire crowd, take any of these tracks and play it when you’re in the mood. Let me tell you, for all of you caffeineaholics out there, there’s a better energiser, and it’s this very compilation.

This is one you’ll surely won’t want to miss. Feeling the MMW blues? This way, good sir. Listen to WHYNOTUSMIAMI GROOVE VA below, by hitting the ‘Play’ button on your Spotify streamer, attached ahead. Also, check out the release on YouTube, and follow this link to support the release on your platform of choice.