Marshmello's Set Ended Super Abruptly & The Masked DJ Has Revealed Why

There’s no doubt that Marshmello had one the most wild sets on the main stage at Ultra Music Festival 2018. Even if you don’t personally like his music, you simply can’t deny the power his visuals and the crowd’s reaction to each and every drop, you just can’t. With all-star special guests like Will Smith, Yo Gotti, G-Eazy, and Slushii coming out, his set gained even more power.

And yet, at the end his set, we were left feeling rather… underwhelmed?

The ending seemed to come out nowhere, and other fans noticed too. @bMac5120 on Twitter said, “yo bro what up with the ending at Ultra? It was quite anticlimactic.” Turns out, in the middle playing Valentino Khan’s new track “Lick It,” Marshmello still thought he had 10 minutes left in his set.

You can even see him bend down and talk to someone at 59:55 on the ficial stream, and then make the “cut it f” motion with his hand against his throat, as if to ask, “I’m done?”

Regardless, it was an incredibly fun set to watch, even from home on the stream. Check it out again below.


Photo aLIVE Coverage for Ultra