Martin Garrix Just Dropped A New Single Under Our Favorite Alias & We're So "Happy"

AREA21 aka Martin Garrix just released the ultimate song to chill out to — “Happy!”

This track turns it down a notch (or 10) — a drastic change up from the festival bangers we’re used to hearing from the #1 DJ in the world. As AREA21, Garrix shows f his mellow side, taking it nice and easy. Of course, he’s staying ahead the curve by unleashing the ultimate summer anthem before the season even hits.

To help fulfill the AREA21 musical vision, a couple aliens are down for the ride. In the music video below, the extraterrestrials go exploring the wonders and beautiful things Earth has to fer. As they wander through life, it’s clear they have the secret to it…

Keep rockin’, keep rollin’, keep dreamin’, keep goin’!

Listen to the uplifting track from AREA21 below and let us know what you think about this new side Martin Garrix, one the world’s greatest!

AREA21 – Happy