Martin Garrix & Loopers Release 'Game Over' – Listen Here

This song has been a long time coming. We first heard it almost a year ago during Martin’s set at Tomorrowland. From that point on fans were ravenous to find out the release details the future house, hard-driving track that was unlike anything they had ever heard. Finally though, today on April 20 – it has ficially arrived. It just might be some the best work we have heard from Martin in quite some time as well.

Game Over

The track is not like anything we have heard from Garrix in quite awhile. The artist has been focusing heavily on the big room, future bass side things in his last few projects and to get a track rooted in the house genre is definitely exciting. What’s more is that Loopers has brought in a unique style driving percussion which gives this tune a wonderful little West Coast feel to it throughout. It sounds like it could find a home on AC Slater’s Night Bass imprint.

An unexpected surprise towards the backend this tune is a bit a melodic break where classical instrumentation and arrangements are featured. It is a perfect break from the madness before we dive back into for the outro the tune. The complexity ‘Game Over’ is what helps it really stand out from the pack. Classical elements, 8-bit pieces, wild vocal samples and so much more help this tune be elevated from the rest the pack. Check it out below.