Martin Garrix Speaks On Linkin Park Collaboration And New Music Releasing Soon

It is otherworldly to think how much time has already passed since the tragic death Linkin Park’s lead singer, Chester Bennington. Now though as the band continues to think how they might move forward without their frontman, other artists who were working with Chester have begun to question whether they should release their works. Martin Garrix is the latest artist to speak on the topic and did so a What We Started Q&A session. The Martin Garrix Hub, as always, has been the first to bring the news to the mainstream.

Linkin Park Collaboration

Obviously, Martin was working with Chester and Linkin Park before his passing. While it sounds like the collaboration was in its final stages, it seems it most likely will never be released as a sign respect to Chester. Martin said there might be a time in the future if he and the band agree it feels right, but for now – it is on indefinite hold.

Martin was quick to say to a disappointed but understanding crowd that he would be releasing a ton new music very soon. The first from that batch seems to be his long-awaited collaboration with LOOPERS, expected to drop next Friday, April 13th.