Martin Garrix Speaks Out On The State of EDM & Music As A Whole

In a new interview Martin Garrix shares his real feelings about the current state music, especially as it pertains to streaming…

Trends in the music industry have been changing rapidly since Garrix was first rising onto the scene. Flash forward to now and the #1 DJ in the world says he’s happy with the way things have shifted. With streaming services like Spotify, Garrix believes the possibilities are endless for musicians and listeners alike.

As an artist, the 21-year-old producer loves how instantaneous music sharing can be. With the right promo on Spotify, bedroom producers become instant superstars as Martin Garrix did with his breakout hit “Animals.” As a music consumer, he appreciates shuffling through random playlists, exploring new music, and finding inspiration through listening experiences.

With 24,813,284 monthly listeners and 5,163,232 followers, it’s no wonder Garrix loves Spotify. The streaming service seems to be doing him right!

Check out a clip below, as one EDM’s greats talks about the current state music.


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