Matroda Drops His 'Shut It Down' EP on Monstercat & It's A G-House Masterpiece

G-House superstar Matroda has finally dropped his 5 track EP, ‘Shut It Down’ out now on Monstercat. While Monstercat has dove into many genres over the past few years, G-House seems to be one that we haven’t seen in a while from the legendary label.

The ‘Shut It Down’ EP is 5 tracks, with 3 them being brand new and 2 them already being released as singles. The tracks already released as singles, ‘Boom Bap’ and ‘Shut It Down’ set the tone for what we should expect from this EP with 2 boombastic, grimey G-House tracks that we’re made for the clubs.

While all 5 these tracks are awesome G-House tracks, my favorite track is far and away the final track the EP ‘The Drive’. With masterful use a vocal chop throughout the song and a groove that kept my head bobbing through the entire track. An absolutely filthy breakdown about halfway through the song is personally my favorite part the track. This is a track I can see being used in many G-House & Bass House artists sets for a long time to come.

Check out the ‘Shut It Down’ EP out below!