Miami Club Wins Appeal To Re-Open After Disgraceful Horse Stunt [VIDEO]

Not sure how Club Mokai pulled this one f, but the Miami Beach establishment is working on a reopen this week after it was forced to shut down following a deemed as animal cruelty.

A woman wearing a bikini rode a horse out into the crowd at Mokai and naturally the horse got completely spooked. The video below captures the horrific incident on camera. The South Beach nightclub temporarily lost its license for this stunt gone wrong, which prompted a serious criminal investigation.

Upon learning the troubling news, City Manager Jimmy Morales promised to take action: “I was disgusted and fended that any legitimate businessperson would think this was an appropriate action to take. This activity was not permitted, and as soon as we became aware, I immediately instructed staff to act swiftly in remedying this situation.”

Although Club Mokai admitted to all five violations, including animal cruelty, it’s set to reopen this Wednesday. Club Mokai will also reportedly have to pay $12,500 in fines to the city within 10 days, in addition to a $10,000 donation to Peaceful Ridge Rescue for Horses.

Obviously, horses don’t belong in the club. Hopefully this is a lesson learned.

Club Mokai Horse Stunt Gone Wrong