Midoca Covers A Nirvana Deep Cut

Midoca dropped Something In The Way yesterday April 12. Yesterday was my 41st birthday and you may ask why is that any relevance to this; I will tell you. Something In The Way is a remix a Nirvana song and unless you are my age, and yes I feel downright geriatric saying this but, you just don’t understand how important Nirvana was to me and kids my generation. While Nirvana may sound like talentless noise to most, their music washed away the glitter and hairspray from the high haired glam bands the late 80s early 90s.

Midoca really captures the melancholy essence the original while bringing the grunge track into the dance realm. Something In The Way starts f with a drab guitar strumming in what I am sure is a flat key signature. Midoca provides the vocals for this remix and he captured the crux the original. The downtempo track slides along with delightful static white noises keeping that grunge feel. While this track might not be played on the main stage at Ultra, I do expect it to find its way into a few dark clubs, or maybe an after-party or lounge setting where the DJ is in the know. You can listen to the track below or click the fan link here.

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