Mija Gets Personal In New Music Video For "Notice Me"

Mija wowed with her debut  — and now one her most personal tracks from that EP comes to life in a new music video.

“Notice Me” hinges on the self reflection and deep emotion at work in Mija’s new release. The beautifully shot video, directed by OWSLA visionary , highlights this latest chapter the producer’s career that sees her embracing her own intensely personal lyrics and confronting vulnerable moments.

As a musician it’s difficult to let the real you dictate the music. Self love is your best friend and self doubt is your worst enemy. “Notice Me,” in this case focuses on that internal battle.

In her own words, the video represents “the idea wanting something badly, and the suffering from being lost inside your own head. it’s not until you reach the point realization that you are able to let it all go; allow the emotions to wash over you, as you begin the journey to self-actualization.”

Watch “Notice Me” and follow along with the lyrics below.

Mija – Notice Me (Music Video)

Notice Me – Lyrics

well i’m sitting in the dark again, refreshing.

following that girl was the dumbest shit i ever did.

I want you so bad in this weather.

If only we could be together.