Mlapa – Ice Coffee

Australian producer Mlapa reveals his latest chilled beat driven release ‘Ice Cfee.’ Regarding the caffeine inspired title, Mlapa cheekily states:

-“The title is much less pround than most my other work… the truth is, every day I start f by driving around the corner to pickup an ice cfee. I came home that morning and wrote this track in one sitting, which is something that is quite rare for me.. When I was sitting there looking for a name to bounce out the track, the only thing sitting in front me was my ice cfee from that morning. That’s how it got it’s name”.

Known by his stage name Mlapa, electronic producer & songwriter Tom Walker hails from the streets Brisbane, Australia. However, having spent his childhood growing up in South East Asia, Mlapa was exposed to a wide range music, and cultures from a young age.

When asked about his influences, he responded with “musicians who are trying new things, and are trying to push music to new places”.