Moojo Turns Swedish House Mafia’s Heaven Takes You Home Into A Progressive House Thriller

is back at it, and this time they are bringing along for the ride. Earlier this month, they dropped the of . Today, they are blessing us with a completely new, third version, in the form of a remix. The remix is by Moojo, and if you’re into true progressive house, I think you’re going to love this one.

Heaven Takes You Home Moojo Remix

Moojo’s remix of Swedish House Mafia’s Heaven Takes You Home’ starts off quick enough, with a 4/4 drum beat, and an extended set of chords. Soon after, the rest of the chord progression begins, and at the one-minute & forty-three-second mark, Connie Constance’s vocals come in. In a true progressive fashion, Moojo’s remix does a fantastic job of slowly building the song, in the process teasing us listeners as to what comes next. At the two-minute & twelve-second mark, we get the first drop, and it is remarkable. If you thought the original track was great, just wait till you hear this one.

With a run time of seven minutes & thirteen seconds, Moojo’s remix of Swedish House Mafia’s ‘Heaven Takes You Home’ is quite the flip on the original. Having said that, if you’re a fan of deep, progressive house, SHM, or just dope remixes, this is a tune you do not want to miss.

Swedish House Mafia – Heaven Takes You Home (Moojo Remix) | STREAM

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