Morocco Seizes Record Breaking Amount Of Ecstasy In Massive Drug Bust

Morocco is not holding back anything in terms drug enforcement. The North African nation has seen a surge dance music related events including Oasis Festival set up shop in their gorgeous country. With the events obviously comes a new surge psychotropic drugs. Recently though Moroccan authorities set a record with a truly massive bust almost a quarter million tablets MDMA.

241,319 Pills

That’s right, 241,319 pills ecstasy were confiscated near the port city Tangiers on the Straight Gibralter. The pills came through the port and were manufactured in Europe. The police found the narcotics when they pulled over a car with 2 men. Morocco has warned the public over the last year increased purity ecstasy as there has been a spike in hospitalizations due to the drug since 2015.

With this bust, it should put a major dent into the ecstasy market for Morocco.

Heard Through: The North African Post