Motion Made To Extend Detainment Of Tom Swoon Months After His Arrest For Manslaughter

In December, Tom Swoon made the decision to drive drunk and subsequently caused an accident which killed one and injured another. Almost immediately the 24-year-old DJ was arrested and detained. According to the judge the artist posed a flight risk due to his ability and resources to leave the country.

Motion To Extend Detention

The investigation has not yet been completed and the prosecutor’s fice has filed to extend the detention until the trial or possible plea deal takes place. There is not equivalent a cash bail system in Poland, therefore detention proceeding a trial during time investigation is decided by the courts. Tom Swoon faces 12 years behind bars if convicted his crimes at trail. Tom Swoon had the equivalent the highest level intoxication in US standards drunk driving at the time accident.

No news has been reported on the artist since his arrest. An inquiry from a user on /r/EDM resulted in this article being posted where we received this information. It is clear that Swoon’s career is very much over.