MVSE Champions Self Love On Emotionally Driven Track ‘Back To Me’

MVSE is back with more music enlisting shXdow on his latest ethereal single ‘Back To Me‘ after his last track ‘Lose Control‘ with Micah Martin. The track is out now via Atelier Records.

‘Back To Me’ tackles the critical issue of self-love and empowerment, a message that resonates deeply in our image-conscious world. Featuring the soulful vocals of Donna Tella, ‘Back To Me’ showcases MVSE’s signature analog sounds and his talent for crafting breathtaking sonic landscapes. It’s a powerful melodic anthem, where he adds his signature melodic bass elements to the mix. He carefully sculpts the basslines, seamlessly blending them with Donna Tella’s vocals.

“This song is one of the most emotional tracks we’ve ever written. Back To Me emphasizes the importance of self empowerment, mental health a reminder to love yourself” – MVSE

MVSE also known as Martin Nguyen is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and electronic producer on a mission to redefine dance music with his affinity for adventure. Fueled by a lifelong musical journey and a restless spirit of adventure, MVSE crafts immersive soundscapes that blur the lines between ethereal electronic textures and organic, earthy elements. As a musician, he incorporates piano, guitars and a lot of live instruments into his musical production and isn’t afraid to experiment. Imagine gentle electronic swirls infused with the whispers of nature and the warmth of acoustic melodies. An interesting component of his music and exemplifies his love of nature is that he will incorporate bird chirp sounds into many of his tracks. That’s the magic of MVSE’s sound – music that’s both deeply emotional and undeniably catchy, leaving a lasting chirp in your mind.

Besides cranking away at more music in the studio this summer, MVSE will be making a festival appearance at Summer Dreams Festival in Vancouver on June 29th.