Myles Reed – Prodigy

Myles Reed is quickly becoming one of my favorite new artists. His tenacity and flow is unparalleled. With the amount of talent hip hop has seen within the last few years it’s been harder than ever to stand out but we believe Reed has what it takes. It’s a fresh take on the genre and we’re glad to hear it. I’ve had a long day and coming back to bump this need Reed makes it all worth it. The track is ever evolving and I seem to notice new details from each listen. That’s my favorite type of music to listen to. Anyway here’s a bit what Myles had to say about the song and it’s creation:

“My boy EZ sent me this beat when I was in Mexico City. I just came back from a night out and decided to freestyle and the last shot of tequilla hit me right about when I heard the beat switch up on this track. My mood switched and I was saying things I felt but never articulated before. I knew this was special.”