Myon Returns The Favor And Drops A Monster Seven Lions Remix

Myon dropped his remix the Seven Lions hit Without You My Love. This remix comes as a return favor from when Seven Lions crushed the remix for Myon’s Omen In The Rain. The two powerhouse producers first collaborated on a little track called Strangers. Myon and Seven Lions can pretty much make careers f remixing each other and I would buy every single one.

This version Without You My Love is the best remix I have heard this track since Trivecta’s take on it. Myon starts the track with a punchy bassline and right away you can feel the high energy tone has been set. After the break, the tack settles into a euphoric state as notes fall like leaves from a tree preparing for winter. The amazing vocals peer out through the synths at the track rises back up. The drop explodes with such uplifting trance it might as well have been cooked up in an Anjuna Kitchen. I highly anticipate Seven Lions working this into his set at one the upcoming Chronicles events, however, my anticipation to hear this live is going to get the better me and I will have to catch Myon’s upcoming May 4th set, at Exchange in Los Angeles.

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