NAYANA IZ finds inner strength on tenacious new song “Rani”

Born in London to Indian parents, NAYANA IZ makes subterranean rap bangers that address themes of identity, race, and spirituality. New song “Rani,” premiering above, throws spiky production and a confident delivery to open up a conversation around the role our parents have in many of our lives and how to confront a future in which they might not be around to offer support or guidance.

The “Rani” video, co-directed by Nayana and Leila Afghan, transports the narrative to Oaxaca, Mexico and comes packed with shots of her riding through the beach town on her quad bike, as well as underwater pool moments that make the heaviness of the tune feel somehow lighter.

Speaking about the new song via email, Nayana told The FADER: “‘RANI’ is my mother’s name and translates to “queen” from Hindi. I wanted to capture the power that reveals itself when you have nothing left to be afraid of, our infinite source – the connection with our inner warrior. Her fierce but tender nature, the force that spills out of her when the world isn’t fair. The sharpness of her voice and the depth of every word that falls off her tongue. The person who we strive to be our whole lives to be and only gain the courage to become on our death bed. A reminder to follow her guidance over anybody elses word as that is the ticket to freedom.”