Nazanin Takes Us On A Trip To Her Private World In “Red Light”

Nazanin, the emerging NYC-based singer-songwriter has just dropped her new single, “Red Light,” a magical trip to her own private world. As she unveils a story of a failed romance, finding herself at the stage where she has to let go of what has been toxic for her, listeners will be amazed to witness such a display of sincerity, awareness and maturity by the young artist. Originally from Persian-Jewish descent, Nazanin has had much difficulties pursuing her dream of becoming an artist as her family always pressured her into other professions. 

“Red Light” comes to prove that Nazanin has talent and a deep understanding of music, as she deploys her incredibly well-mastered vocals, the clear highlight of the song.   

Her official debut single, “Infatuation,” was released last year and already paved the way for her success in urban pop music. With “Red Light,” she is confirming that she is here to stay, and it is very exciting to be a part of the rise of a new artist, especially one with such talent and charisma.