New figures damning NSW’s support of artists emerge

The NSW government has never been huge on supporting artists, but they’ve just let through their worst round of funding to date.

Of the 222 proposals, none that supported contemporary music were funded. Of the $8.3 million requested 2.7% was given. The assessment report given by the NSW government explained terribly poorly that the money that wasn’t given wasn’t deserved due to lack of money making opportunity.

The paper cites that “Artists either do not pay themselves appropriately, or the support networks available to artists do not have the capacity to include fees as part of the benefits that they achieve for their artists.”

A collective of over 50 arts and music organisations issued a statement today reading :“For every $1 invested in arts and culture, $1.88 is generated for the NSW economy. Yet the NSW government’s arts and cultural budget represents only 0.9% of the total NSW budget spend…”

The lack of foresight shown by the government here is shocking, but sadly not something we’re surprised by. Read through their bad excuses here and tell us how it makes you feel!