New Track Called 'Sorry' Uploaded To Datsik's Apple Music Profile

This week has seen a major fall from grace for Datsik. The artist who once sat atop the industry as one the biggest names in dubstep, was accused sexual assault by several dozen women over the last 5 years or so (though some do back farther than even that). Within hours the social media storm that erupted this past Wednesday Datsik found himself booted from his own label, canceling all future appearances, being dropped from his booking agency and PR, and even being forced out his bass house project, Ephwurd.

A Case Study On How Not To Handle A Crisis Situation

I have studied crisis management and disaster PR for a few years now as well as conducted academic research on the topics. Let me just say that how Datsik handled the situation is quite literally the worst thing someone could do. It took him hours to formally address the situation and when he did, things could not have sounded more creepy or implicating. Now though, it appears the dumpster fire which Datsik has found himself just got hit with gasoline.

While it has since been confirmed as an unauthorized upload, a track called “Sorry” appeared on Datsik’s Apple Music prile as a new release. This immediately sent the industry and EDM community into a tail spin, believing Datsik might be admitting his guilt in regards to the accusations. Oddly enough even though the song does not belong to Datsik, it is still currently available on his Apple Music. Even Shazam recognizes the song as Datsik’s. What the hell happened? We have no idea. One thing is for sure, the career Datik is over. And rightfully so.

New Track Called 'Sorry' Uploaded To Datsik's Apple Music Prile

New Track Called 'Sorry' Uploaded To Datsik's Apple Music Prile