Nick Evol Delivers A Dark And Driving Remix Of Nine Inch Nails [Premiere]

I had the privilege seeing Nine Inch Nails for the first time this past December. It was at Houston’s Day For Night festival in the pouring rain, and by all accounts, it was one the most incredible shows I have ever seen. Today I have the privilege bringing you a truly dark and twisted remix one their biggest hits. Nick Evol has stepped up to rework ‘Closer’ and has turned the masochistic tune into a dark, driving bombshell.

Raw Power

The original track had no shortage intensity but the way Nick Evol has added in a raw and distorted bassline has elevated it to a truly darker state. The beat is pounding and grinding and feels like it should have always been present in the originals. The warping Trent Reznor’s vocals gives this remix a haunting quality which only adds to the overall ambiance that is set forth in the first few notes.

The production style is immediately relatable to that Rezz who also shared the stage with NIN in Houston. Immediately similarities can be drawn between her and Nick’s work. Which makes things all the more exciting as the dark industrial sounds continue to expand throughout all the electronic music subgenres.

A Bright Future For A Dark Sound

Nick Evol’s remix this track beautifully showcases the producer’s innate ability to mix in elements to a certifiable classic. It is not easy to take on a song that is dearly admired by millions, but Nick has been able to maintain the integrity the original while simultaneously injecting his own signature style. We cannot wait to see what is next for him as 2018 pushes forward. Check out the track below. And find more Nick’s stuff his Soundcloud and his Facebook.