Nick Gunner Drops A Melodic MashUp of Illenium Said The Sky and MitiS

Nick Gunner has received a lot attention recently for his amazing remixes and talented originals. Fresh f the heels Aura, a beautiful collaboration with Motoko & Red Comet, Nick Gunner wisely meshed 3 wonderfully emotional tracks by layering Illenium’s Walking Away and Said the Sky’s All I Got into the MitiS track Moments. Admittedly, I am not a huge mash-up guy. The last mash-up I truly loved was when Seven Lions mashed Rush Over Me, coincidently a collab with Illenium and Said the Sky, and Trivecta’s track Shatterpoint however, Nick Gunner absolutely crushed this one.

It was Nick Gunner who recognized how well each song compliments the next. The mash-up begins with the Moments intro meshed with the vocals from All I Got. Before you realize it, you are neck deep in Illenium’s build up and you are treated to Kerli belting out “It’s the sound walking away!” Overall, this is a fine example how a mash-up should be, meaning it’s hard to tell when one song starts and the other ends. I thoroughly enjoyed the job done on this mash-up, see for yourself below and be sure to grab the free download HERE.

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