Nicky Romero Follows Ups From’Techtronic’ With Anthemic Track ‘Myriad’

Nicky Romero has returned to the dance with not just one release, but another new spine-tingling club/festival anthem.

Last week saw him drop his previous single ‘Techtronic‘. This week, he releases another tune ‘Myriad‘ from his record label Protocol Recordings.

To recap ‘Techtronic’, the new sonic direction’s premier track feels fitting perfectly with its name, with deep grooving basslines and a strong kick drum focus; the catchy vocal riff and edgy drop make this one a bonafide killer in the club.

‘Myriad’ follows the same vein but with snares and an overlay of ethereal vocals, creating an upbeat and tribal essence that will have the crowd moving their feet.

Romero has already tried and tested both records during the summer festival season to rave reactions, and they’ll be the basis for an upcoming EP coming out later this year.

Continuing to showcase the Protocol Recordings roster via his weekly Protocol Radio show, Nicky Romero continues to innovate and evolve, and with his annual “Nicky Romero & FriendsADE showcase and the launch of Monocule alter-ego, he keeps proving his ability to turn into gold everything he touches.