NIN3S Unveils Organic Electronica Album, Beginning (The Revisions)

We’ve got a really beautiful LP to share with you this time.

The road to Electronica is often frowned upon: few artists dare to explore beyond the boundaries of the usual four-on-the-floor divisions of Dance music. And so we’re super excited to have found an album that truly ventures toward the complexity of the creative mind, when all restrictions have been left aside.

Today, Spanish producer Uner elevated his NIN3S side project to new heights, with the release of the album Beginning (The Revisions). There are a few things that capture your attention from the very beginning: firstly, the entire piece stars a heartwarming piano. And secondly, the Revisions album has been released before the original Beginning LP.

Beginning (The Revisions)

With much of the album recorded largely in one take, Beginning is a stunning collection of piano compositions that reflect the story of creation, as interpreted by NIN3S — which we’ll get to hear a bit further into the year. For now, and interestingly enough, ahead of the originals, we’re graced with the Revisions flips, which aim to become the B-side of the NIN3S moniker, pairing stunning beatless original arrangements with abstract, minimalistic and delicate Electronic elements.

“NIN3S was a new beginning – the beginning and the end at the same time; it is the most “me” in terms of music, composition and personality“, says NIN3S. “No boundaries, not defined by gigs and clubbing, not defined by anything but to make music from the soul“.

The Live Interpretations

The Beginning journey doesn’t stop at the two albums, as NIN3S has crafted a from-the-ground-up, live audiovisual show. Music comes to life by the hand of stunning visuals, creating a captivating dialogue between sight and sound. We’ll get more about this soon, giving enough time for the listeners to dive into the music with eyes closed before picturing a different landscape for them.

“It’s been a very gentle process of composing on my piano and letting the feelings flow, thinking about every single step of the “creation” and giving the entire composition personality through every moment of the event.”


NIN3S — Beginning (The Revisions) Tracklist

  1. The Word
  2. Dark & Void
  3. First
  4. Waters From The Waters
  5. Ground And Dust
  6. Luminaries
  7. Creatures
  8. Our Likeness
  9. Tranquility

Final Words

We’re delighted to hear a composition that, instead of exploring each and every tweakable knob and parameter of a given synth, focuses its efforts on a very limited sound, the piano, and goes full back-to-basics mode, allowing that one element to shine in all its glory and, ultimately, the creator’s mind as well.

Listen to NIN3S’ soothing Beginning (The Revisions) by hitting the ‘Play’ button on the Spotify player we’ve attached. And stay tuned, as we’ll be following how the two-part album concept unfolds very soon.