Not One, But TWO Crazy Fans Climb Pillars At Buku During REZZ Set [VIDEO]

Rezz was doing her usual hypnotizing thing, this time at BUKU Music + Art Project in New Orleans over the weekend when things got a little out control!

The tweet below explains it all, “not one but TWO crazy mother fuckers climbed the pillars during Rezz’s set].” And it was all captured on video.

In this guy’s defense, the pillar does look exactly like a giant ladder. So, in the moment, we can see why it’d be tempting to climb the thing for a better view and wild out.

Similar instances at shows and festivals have resulted in the climbers being removed by security — for the safety the individuals and others in harm’s way. We’re unsure how this situation worked out, but it did provoke a response from Rezz herself.

Don’t try this at home, kids!

Guy Climbs Pillar During Rezz Show