Nothing Can Stop Hydroski!

Hydraulix and Oski are back at it again with another heater! ‘Nothing Can Stop Me’ arrives the heavy bass purveyors over at Disciple, and it’s guitar driven sound brings a fresh sound to the label and artists alike.

‘Nothing Can Stop Me’ kicks things f with some alien-like sounds before settling in to the main vocal theme and groove. Distorted guitars and live drums chug away in the background, building hype alongside the chanting vocals. There’s really nothing to tie this track to EDM until you hit the drop and we’re welcomed in by some familiar Hydroski ‘wobs’. Then the face-melting, guitar-like main riff slaps you round the face, seamlessly mixing the styles together.

I recently read an article on the future the guitar and how it’s taken a back seat in song-writing today. While this may be true, it sure is nice to hear some guitar grit and distortion back in the mix things with this track. I highly recommend you check it out below…