ODESZA Coachella 2018 Performance: Hundreds of Drones Fill The Sky

Odesza is one the most exciting groups in electronic music today. In the second half 2017, the Seattle based duo released their critically acclaimed third studio album A Moment Apart. For the beautiful LP the guys received their first Grammy nomination and were only barely bested by electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk for the award. As many fans know, Odesza’s live show is just about the only thing that is more impressive than their studio productions. Their performance at Coachella this past weekend demonstrates this sentiment in an unbelievable way.

Odesza Recruits Drones For Coachella 2018 Performance

A few years ago Odesza made headlines for their performance at Coachella when they brought out the USC drumline for an awe-inspiring performance their track ‘Bloom’ and a live remix Alex Adair’s ‘Make Me Feel Better’. This year Odesza one-upped themselves with a true jaw-dropping concept. During their set at Coachella this weekend, Odesza did something that the world dance music has never seen before. Harrison and Clayton utilized a fleet drones numbering in the 100s to put on a visual aerial display above the stage during their performance.

The drones swarmed above the Coachella stage, and then each clicked on small LEDs illuminating the sky. As the performance reached its peak, the drones slowly started to arrange themselves into Odesza’s logo, the icosahedron. The crowd cheered as they were instantly captivated by the stunning display. Odesza is constantly at the forefront original production ideas for their live shows which explains how they have managed to sell out just about every stop on their current tour (including 4 separate dates at Red Rocks) which is now pouring into its second year. Check out the amazing video the drone display below, as this will go down as one the great moments in Coachella history.

ODESZA at Coachella 2018