Odesza Releases A Gorgeously Crafted Remix EP For 'Higher Ground'

Odesza has set a precedent in electronic music with their truly ethereal, otherworldly ability to curate pure emotion through their records. Their last full-length LP, A Moment Apart was nominated for a Grammy Award and fell short only to some seriously impressive competitors. Now they Seattle based duo have released a new remix EP for their hit single, ‘Higher Ground’. The EP features edits by Flight Facilities, pluko, and Reske. Each artist beautifully crafts their own take on the single, and breaths new life into an already outstanding record.

The real standout on the EP is pluko’s edit which brings a chilled out, melancholy vibe to the tune. It flows gorgeously and will instantly lull the listener into a relaxed state. The artist’s synth work is reminiscent early Ratatat, but they continue to showcase the gorgeous vocals from Naomi Wild.

Odesza has once again shown that they are masters curation as well as production, because not one these remixes is just ordinary, each one is truly masterful. Check it out below.

Photo Via RUKES