One of EDM's Biggest DJs Just Announced "Our Music Festival" Fueled by Cryptocurrency

3LAU is ready to tap into the cryptocurrency market in a way that connects with music festivals around the world!

“This is OMF, the first utility-based Cryptocurrency geared toward creating & connecting music festival experiences around the world,” Justin Blau shared in a social media post. “With 8 months, 7 attorneys, sleepless nights & a fully committed private capital raise, my team and I are ready.”

OMF, which stands for Our Music Festival, is the latest cryptocurrency targeted especially for dance music fans. Artists like and have also found ways to connect the technology with music. We have a feeling this will spawn an actual flagship festival though, too.

We’re not sure the ins and outs how this new OMF crypto will work or when it will launch, but the concept sounds awesome. Whenever 3LAU fers up some more insights, we’ll let you know!

3LAU Announces OMF