One Of EDM's Longest Running Events Silently Ends & No One Noticed [Details]

While everyone was gearing up for Miami Music Week and Ultra Music Festival this year, one dance music’s longest running institutions apparently just faded away into the dark when no one was looking: Winter Music Conference.

Though the lines between WMC and MMW have continued to blur together for the past few years, WMC has remained a fixture in the dance music community. Starting all the way back in 1985, it’s older than any Insomniac music festival, or Ultra Music Festival itself.

WMC’s ghosting act was first noticed by : “Winter Music Conference‘s website hasn’t been updated in a year, the press release announcing the dates for WMC 2018 was never sent, and the company’s social media accounts are dormant. …] Instead saying farewell or see you in 2019, they seam to have ghosted the global dance-music community after a 30+ year run.”

Speaking to Big Shot, International Music Summit co-founder Ben Turner blamed WMC’s demise on its inability to keep up with the times. “In all my incredible 20 years going to WMC, I don’t really feel there was a challenging dialogue or narrative coming out the conference that ever really changed anything,” he said.

It’s a shame that WMC is probably wilting away, but other than some the pioneers in the genre, will it really be missed while the hedonistic parties MMW continue? Probably not.