PAX Japonica Groove Sets Bars High On New Track “Breakthrough The Sky”

The Japanese group delivers an experimental club track and visuals that channel Pax Japonica Groove’s legacies and blends them with modern sounds and influences. Talented artist Shuhei Kurosaka, the leader of Pax Japonica Groove, plants the track seeds of deep house and high energy dance which allows them to blow over playful beats. While he adds twinkling chimes and sparkles vigorous synths, listeners get an unorthodox composition that can break-through the sky. 

The release of “Breakthrough The Sky” announces the upcoming drop of the full-length album, Wired Future, which is planned to be released on April 8, 2020. Pax Japonica Groove sets the bar very high with a charismatic release and we are extremely excited to hear what is coming next. 

Follow Pax Japonica Groove on IG, and listen to “Breakthrough The Sky” below: