Phonocut Are Kickstarting A Home Vinyl Press – EDMTunes

Calling on vinyl collectors, Phonocut is introducing their Home Vinyl Recorder allowing you to press your own discs. Giving the project its start, the company is launching a Kickstarter with pre-orders opening soon.

The machine presses 10-inch vinyl, with each side allowing you to press approximately 10-15 minutes of audio. The instructions are rather simple, all you need to do is place a blank vinyl, connect the music input, then click start.

Funding Phonocut’s Kickstarter to pre-order the Home Vinyl Recorder will set you back €999. For more information, or if you want to own one for yourself, refer to their website here.

In recent years, considering how digital most things happen to be, the demand for vinyl has re-surged. Seemingly, people are looking for more tactile and connective experiences with the music they consume. Personally, I love owning vinyl as they sustain themselves through time, providing a physical remnant of certain phases within my life. Being able to press them at home certainly holds benefits for people who want to stack their shelves with more.

Arguably, having the digital realm become prominent only placed increased value on physical experiences. If this project brushes over well, it might create a ripple impact on how we consume music. Considering the convenience of digital listening, it’ll probably be more of an additive option. Nonetheless, having that is going to be an experiential bonus for vinyl enthusiasts.