Platonick Dive – Habit

Platonick Dive are an electronic/experimental band out Italy. By their own admittance, the group started composing music as a form therapy for themselves. They released two album between 2013 (“Therapeutic Portrait”) and 2015 (“Overflow”) where the trio proposed a modern post-rock with a lot electronics and a great impact during live shows. Since their inception (in 2010), the band has taken this tailored craft on the road and shared the live stage with the likes Explosions In The Sky, Efterklang, Blonde Redhead, Jon Hopkins, Four Tet, These New Puritans, Gold Panda, Sun Glitters and This Will Destroy You to name just a few. They like to describe themselves like sound researchers, because their music is an eclectic mixture Postrock-Electronica with a big influence from today’s Pop music. Their hybrid sound is a breathe fresh air that really sounds great, especially on their latest single “Habit” — it sounds like a post rock combination with laid back edm influences. These guys are new on my map, but I defintly plan to keep them on my radar because they’re really dope. Check out “Habit” below now and keep Platonick Dive on your radar! Enjoy.