Playlist: DJ Zinc Gives Motive Behind His Switch to House In Five Tracks

It’s possible that nothing has been more shocking in the drum and bass scene in 2018 than OG DnB legend Zinc suddenly switching to house with his new label project, Bingo Bass. In actual fact, Zinc has been making house music for over 10 years and on his specifically big room house kick for the last eight months. Said kick has included lots the new tracks being played at festies and also featuring prominent DnB and dubstep artists in said house such as My Nu Leng and Jack Beats. His core audience, however, has responded the most to his recent collab with Makoto on the track “When I,” out just last month.

It’s not always a foregone conclusion that putting an old school legend and a new(er) golden boy together on a track will work, whether it’s DnB, house or miscellaneous, but in the case Makoto and Zinc, it certainly has. It also, in Zinc’s case, may have had ulterior motives in showing up drum and bass purists because how easily and seamlessly this big room track was transposed into a liquid jump up banger. Granted, it has Makoto translating said stems, but the point is the same: house is literally 44 beats f from DnB, and that’s not much. Certainly not enough for DnB heads to turn up their noses at Zinc’s perceived new musical direction, especially in once they listen to this playlist.

Your EDM asked Zinc for some tracks that prove his point and which also may have inspired him to straddle those 44 BPMs between house and DnB, and here’s what he came up with: a high-energy trip down electro, breakbeat and DnB memory lane, and a real window into where the legendary master gets his ideas. Ample dancing room or a decent car stereo system is definitely recommended for the following playlist. Enjoy!

Rhythim is Rhythim – It Is What It Is

This is the era I fell in love with music – before that I’d been pretty obsessed with electro but this was another level. The music was everywhere. I was 15 and couldn’t get enough the sounds being played on the London pirates. You could only hear this music on stations like Centreforce and Sunrise, or at the raves, but I was too young to go to them yet. When I heard this it seemed like a million miles from my east London life, but I was hooked.

Shades Rhythm – Homicide

When I first heard this on the London pirates it immediately stood out, the riff, the breakbeat, the bassline. SOR had tracks that were more popular, but this is the one for me. I don’t ten have a chance to play it out but relish the times that I do.

Renegade Soundwave – Ozone Breakdown

I had to wait at least 6 months from when I first heard this till I could actually get a copy – frustrating beyond belief at the time – I was so jealous the people I knew with a copy – in hindsight it probably took them ages to clear the samples, although I didn’t realize that back then. Great big 808 bass, but some pretty funky samples added make it sound like nothing else from that era.

Foul Play – Being With You

When I used to listen to the foul play stuff I thought ‘ how can I ever make any music that comes close’ and to be honest I still listen to it and think exactly the same. This was a time when jungle was full amazing energy, but not so many tracks had production levels like this. So much vibes in loads the foul play stuff, hard to pick a winner but this is one my favorites.

Johnny Jungle – Johnny

Pascal is kind an unsung hero the jungle and DnB scenes – he made some pivotal tracks and helped loads people along the way (he mixed down a load my tracks that came out on Ganja and Frontline, helped press the first release on Metalheadz etc). Anyway – Johnny was one the pivotal ones. The first track to use someones name before the drop (which started a trend!) but it was the darkness and movement in the track that made it the anthem the scene for ages. I got my copy f Randall at De Underground in forest gate, that was a good day.

Since the popular Makoto remix, Zinc has already put out two more house tracks on Bingo: “Grammy Elbow VIP” and “Amergency.” Check out his to stream both, and find the buy link and other streaming links .