Popular Duo Announces Split Due To One Member's Fight With Depression

In the wake the news Avicii’s tragic passing, the duo Mightyfools have announced that they will no longer be making music together due to one the member’s struggle with depression.

Since 2007, the duo Jelle and Andy have been making music together. The duo decided to recently open up about their hectic lifestyle and talked about Andy’s struggle with depression.

“..it’s time to say goodbye. It was a tough decision but we feel like we’re at the top and that our work is done,” writes Mightyfools. “Also leading this kind lifestyle can take a toll on you. Dealing with the pressure has contributed to Andy struggling with depression. We are happy to announce that he made great steps towards recovery. We feel the need to be open about this, as many others suffer from mental problems but have nobody to talk to.”

Read their full statement and listen to one their most popular songs below.

Mightyfools Split