[Premiere]: Illenium – Take You Down (32Stitches Remix)

Illenium – Take You Down (32Stitches Remix)

Last year celebrated producer Illenium released his track ‘‘ to much acclaim. Naturally, such a special track in turn deserves a special remix. And coming to you with just that, is Mumbai-based producer 32Stitches.

“The edit came to me very naturally as Illenium has been an inspiration to me since the day I first heard him, and I read the story Illenium shared behind this track and I could connect to it so much emotionally. The track’s drop has a different sound direction than the original so it could easily fit bass dominating sets, keeping the original emotion intact”

And that connection really comes through in the resulting remix. 32Stitches keeps the soul of the original song while adding his own style and flair to the piece. From the emotional chorus to the bass heavy drops, this remix really is a treat to listen to through and through. Give it a listen and be sure to grab your own copy for free in the link below.

Illenium – Take You Down (32Stitches Remix) | Free Download

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