Premiere: Nico Cartosio Hypnotizes The World in Much Awaited “Cocaine March” Music Video


“It’s like the dreams that you have. Sometimes you can remember them, and sometimes not. So I sometimes have time to write them down, and sometimes they escape.” – words of Mr. Cartosio

Thank god this tune didn’t escape from Maestro Nico Cartosio’s head, so much of it is fascinating to the ears and beyond. The neo-romantic composer confirms with the release “Cocaine March” that he is one of the brightest talents of his generation and we are impatiently waiting for his full album, to be released soon according to our sources.  

The music video, released alongside the single, is so hypnotic it takes the viewers into a higher realm of consciousness. Displaying some extremely skilled dancers for an epic performance, the visuals take place in the biblical realm of Limbo and in modern-day New York, with one chaotic scene in the subway you won’t want to miss.

“Only one thing interests me in music, and that’s if it touches my heart or not.”

Following these words by the composer himself, we are in total admiration of Cartosio’s musical approach. His creation, undoubtedly, has this effect on the listener, even reaching an unprecedented climax before transitioning to a heavenly sound towards the final act of the music video.

Some world famous musicians have participated in the recording of Cartosio’s “Cocaine March” at Abbey Road Studios such as Gavin Greenaway, John Mills, and Frank Ricotti, all of them regulars to some of Hollywood’s top film soundtracks.

Following the resounding success of “Snow Above The Earth”,Cocaine March offers the perfect combination for yet another international success by including two masterpieces in one, the music, and the visuals. A rare phenomenon not to be missed.

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