Previous Datsik Tour Date Turned Into Fundraiser For Rape Victims [VIDEO]

Following against Datsik, he was forced to on his Ninja Nation tour as well as any future festival appearances for the foreseeable future. One those dates soon after the allegations were made public was a stop in Iowa City last night.

The promoters that show and booking manager Lucas Froeschner chose to not let the open date go to waste, and turned it into a fundraiser instead. All the proceeds for the night went to UI Rape Victim Advocacy Program.

“I grew up with two sisters and my mom,” said Froeschner. “I can’t believe anyone would disrespect a woman like that. Instead talking online we could do something to change it so hopefully this helps.”

Other individuals, like Blind Studios Lighting owner Eric Baker, donated their time and effort to the event. For Baker, he was able to donate lights.

“People don’t really put in the effort to making the changes it’s all a slap on the wrist or they say they’re sorry and that’s it,” said Baker. “I feel like these things have been going on for years and I think that it’s kind ridiculous that it keeps happening. I think it just shows a lack effort and culture in the community.”

The Rape Victim Advocacy Program’s Executive Director Adam Robinson was grateful for the demonstration from fans and promoters. “This is] where change happens. It happens peer to peer.”