Profetik Strikes Progressive Gold Again With Vocal Smash 'Forgive Me Again'

Haters might say the trance scene’s dead, but they couldn’t be more wrong. More and more new talent arises and LA producer Pretik is one them – providing clear evidence that the mesmerizing melodies and rhapsodic sounds trance are very much alive and kicking.

Hot f several Top 10 Beatport positions and following Group Therapy, Wake Your Mind and Ride Radio support, Pretik returns with a new weapon choice. ‘Forgive Me Again’, ft. Alina Renea is next up to move our minds and swoon the global trance crowds. Pretik fully dedicates himself to the art music production, keeping a 100% focus on studio time. And that’s paying f.

As the successor to ‘Coast 2 Coast’, ‘The Decree’ and remixes for Skylane’s ‘Blueshift’ and Nameless’ ‘Fragments’, he brings ‘Forgive Me Again’. With its strong build-up, compelling vocals and moving break, this is yet another original to stand out from the pack.

If you like Jason Ross, Cosmic Gate, Myon, or any other progressive trance superstars, Pretik is a name that needs to be in your playlists as you will be hearing his tracks in progressive sets all year.

Listen to “Forgive Me Again” below!

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