PRXZM Release Upbeat New Single Via Lowly Palace – 'Queen of Hearts' [EDM Sauce Premiere]

PRXZM is an up and coming production duo which have started to make some serious waves with their instantly infectious melodies and gorgeous vocals. After a string successful singles, PRXZM is preparing for the launch their debut EP on Lowly Palace which will be making it’s way to streaming services on June 8th. Today we have the huge privilege debuting their lead single f their forthcoming EP. The track is called ‘Queen Hearts’ and it is just about the best way you could start f your Friday.

Production To Die For

The beautiful and captivating vocals stand out immediately on this one. That being said when you zoom out and look at ‘Queen Hearts’ as a full track the clean production is what shines through the most. While it is a bit more centered in pop than the duo’s previous productions, ‘Queen Hearts’ still highlights everything that is right in electronic music at the moment. The driving upbeat major chord progression sets a captivating tone that makes you hope there is always one more verse to come before the track ends.

Sticks With You

One the defining features this single is the way it hooks you. PRXZM has the innate ability to connect with the listener through their productions. Whether the lyrics speak to you on the personal level or the melody gets stuck in your head, PRXZM’s stays with you throughout the day after listening. Like two friends you never knew you had. Check out ‘Queen Hearts’ below and follow PRXZM on socials!

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