Red Bull are hosting a Warehouse Party and it’s not where you’d think!

Red Bull’s creativity knows no bounds in terms of venues and this time they’ve really shown it through venue choice. The Overseas Passenger Terminal’s Cargo Hall in Sydney and the iconic Night Cat in Melbourne are set to host their upcoming events.

If the venues didn’t have you sold, check out some of the artists that will have the night in full swing. From cosmic Jazz man Lonnie Liston Smith in his first performance ever on Australian soils, to some of Australia’s finer artists in the form of UV boi بنفسجي, Milan Ring, Ebony Boadu, Lil Spacely, B-Wise and last but not least, dubbed “Sydneys Hip Hop Hero” Manu Crooks!

All of the artists are in big phases of their careers, Lonnie continuing his 40 year legacy, Manu Crooks is featuring after a year into his Mood Forever EP, UV boi بنفسجي has his latest EP Returned Alone, Ebony Boadu has her stellar remix of Cardi B, Lil Spacely an even release of big numbers to get you hyped, Milan Ring is climbing the charts with her new release Obscure and B Wise featuring on “>Triple J’s Like A Version recently.

The event is to go over two individual nights from Thursday August 23 and Friday 24th (this one without Lonnie) in the Overseas Passenger Terminal’s Cargo Hall in Sydney, and Saturday August 25 at the Night Cat in Melbourne.

Let the views of the harbour sink in and get you into the groove. You can get tickets here to the first night Sydney, second night here and last night at here at Melbourne.