REPORT: Emails Reveal Datsik's Managers Knew of Rape Allegations Since October '17

Beginning last Wednesday, dubstep heavyweight Datsik has been at the center a growing #MeToo movement within the dance music community. After a screenshot a women detailing an alleged sexual assault Wednesday morning, more women came forward with their own stories, eventually numbering close to two dozen. Your EDM received another dozen or so direct emails with more allegations against Datsik that are still being investigated.

received a similar email from another alleged victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, claiming that Datsik’s former management company Deckstar knew about these allegations as recently as October 2017. In her email, the victim shared screenshots correspondence with Deckstar, as well as a private crisis management publicist, detailing her alleged rape at the hands Datsik after an event in London in 2013 at Fabric. writes, “Within 24 hours sending her allegations rape to Deckstar Management, the alleged victim was contacted by a crisis management publicist from a Public Relations firm. In their brief exchange, the alleged victim was pressed for more information and was also asked, ‘What is it that you’re looking for?’”

The victim’s story goes into further detail about the events leading up to and during the alleged rape in 2013, as well as the correspondence last October. She asked only for a letter apology from Datsik, and never received any further response thereafter.

According to, “she also noted that her reason for initially contacting Deckstar was to bring awareness to the issue and to help prevent other women from becoming victims.” has reached out to Deckstar Management for comment.