Rezz Drops Her Official Remix Of The Glitch Mobs – 'I Could Be Anything'

Rezz just dropped one the biggest ficial remixes her short career. She took a crack at The Glitch Mob’s latest single and breathed a new level intensity into an otherwise chilled out tune. While the original was beautiful in its own right, it showcased a style is rarely seen from TGM. Because this Rezz was faced with a difficult choice. Go big and completely rework the track or honor the original and maintain the spirit it was instilled with. Of course, Rezz found the perfect middle ground for an impressive remix.

Obviously, many parallels between Rezz and The Glitch Mob exist. The artist and the production trio go after bold sound design which showcases a forward-thinking mentality. They also both maintain a similarly ominous tone throughout most their productions. That is why when it was announced Rezz would be the first ficial remix to drop from one The Glitch Mob’s new singles, fans were instantly excited. Rezz adds additional layering to ‘I Could Be Anything’ throughout, changing the overall feel the song. She then mixes in bold kicks reminiscent early 2010’s Pretty Lights. This one is a lot fun, but I can’t help to ask – what if Rezz didn’t play this one the conservative and really threw out the rulebook? While we may never know, we have this solid rework to enjoy for now.