Rezz Got Hit Up By An Old Uber Driver Asking Her For Coachella Passes

We have all had at least one questionable encounter with an Uber driver before. Maybe you have been creepily texted after the fact, or maybe he just refused to turn down Rush Limbaugh as he told you about the liberal conspiracy to poison the US water supply (okay that last one was personal experience). Regardless, as much regulation as Uber puts into place to protect you from potential creepers, some will fall through the cracks. This apparently happened to Rezz today as an Uber driver she had from over a year ago hit her up asking for a well BIG request.

They say that shooters shoot, and this Uber driving just took a half-court shot. While he hadn’t been in contact with Rezz for over a year, he still slid into her texts and requested some Coachella passes. I mean what’s the harm in asking right? Well except for the fact it is super weird and crossing many boundaries. Luckily space mom shut it down real quick with no second thought. Just another reason she continues to be our queen. Check it out below.

Uber Driver Looks For A Miracle