RIMON’s “Feed Me” video is a twisted 3D love story

Digital Tears, Eritrean artist RIMON’s third project, arrived earlier this year and mixed experimental R&B sounds with a stark warning about the dangers of th increasingly inescapable online world. Inhabiting the character of NOMIR, RIMON tackles thorny subjects like cancel culture and misinformation with the nuance such complex areas deserve. “Feed Me,” a highlight of the EP, zooms in on the relationship we all have with our phones. Damaging and ever-lodged firmly in our palms.

Comparing the bond to something like a romance (“In a room full of no one, I know I can count on you”) RIMON shows how intoxicating tapping away at a pixelated screen can be. Naturally, the “Feed Me” video is complete with dystopian vibes and a future-facing aesthetic. Whisked away to another dimension, RIMON is soon lost in her surroundings as she grows closer to a mystery figure. What looks like a positive development, however, soon turns out to be anything but.

Keen to underline the positive side of social media, rare though it may be, RIMON sourced all of the creatives she worked with on the video via Instagram. The video was animated by Sorek, an animator and designer from Paris – with additional sequences provided by Hilly, based in London. All characters were designed by Serwah Attafuah, from Sydney.

Check out the video above.